Incredibly exciting to get official confirmation that Germany's health service ( has standardised on Matrix for secure decentralised communications, targeting all 150,000 healthcare organisations in Germany(!!!) 🤯 Read all about it at 💉🇩🇪🚀

"Qualys Research Team has discovered a size_t-to-int type conversion vulnerability in the Linux Kernel’s filesystem layer affecting most Linux operating systems. Any unprivileged user can gain root privileges on a vulnerable host by exploiting this vulnerability in a default configuration."

"Windows Hello bypassed using infrared image"

"biometrics", I think it is still preferable to rely on old fashioned passphrases.

So Github's Copilot is now suggesting secrets committed to other public repositories?

The ultimate responsibility lies on who committed those secrets, but this could have been avoided since Copilot is acting as a distributor of those leaked secrets.

"All Freenode Channels and Users Gone"

It seems I no longer have an account on freenode. **I will not create a new one. So don't try to reach me through that network**.

The Debian Project hosts all its development IRC channels on and also has a thriving community on The Debian Project no longer has control of #debian on the freenode IRC network. We thank the former freenode staff for their tireless work over many years. Please read for more information about Debian IRC channels.

#Django protip: ` shell`, being a Python shell, can take a `-c` argument. You can use this to make aliases for operations that need to run in your Django environment but aren't worth creating a management command. (And remember, you can separate statements with semicolons instead of newlines!)

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