Gonçalo Valério @dethos

Yesterday a strange commit landed in the EasyList repo. The "functionalclam.com" domain was removed with a comment "Removed due to DMCA takedown request"


A new feature was just released on Hawkpost (hawkpost.co/), now small files can be sent through boxes. 🎉

About: Hawkpost lets users that don't know how to deal with encryption to send you secrets. It works by encrypting everything in their browser with your PGP public key. (github.com/whitesmith/hawkpost)

Proud to announce #Feed2toot 0.6, the RSS-to-Mastodon bot 😍 🤗 🕺 💃

Already available from #PyPI and from #Gitlab tarballs

Changelog and tarballs: gitlab.com/chaica/feed2toot/ta

And of course already in production for @journalduhacker !

#mastodon #rss #feed #community mastodon.social/media/zHpqkLZI

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@tacostea thanks for the reminder. It will be renewed. 👍

Look what I found 🤔

somebody should tell them, that almost 30 seconds to serve the landing page might be a little too much. Either way that score is impressive

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Since it’s the #DayAgainstDRM everything on AppCenter is available DRM free! Oh wait, it’s always been like that. Nice.