Dpaste now has a '.well-known/security.txt' file to aid in reporting of any discovered vulnerabilities. securitytxt.org/

Roberta Arcoverde, Director at Stack Overflow, previously a staff engineer and tech lead:

Stack Overflow platform:
* .. backed by just 9 servers,
* .. run on-prem from own data center (not cloud),
* .. team of 50 engineers (up from 10 in 2014),
* .. deployed as monolith in 4min multiple times daily,
* .. pragmatic, ignore trends like k8s and microservices.

> Giving SQL 1.5 TB of RAM was more effective than caching page fragments in Redis.


#stackoverflow #selfhosted

Dutch schools must stop using Google's email and cloud services due to privacy concerns. To protect pupil's privacy, we recommend schools to switch to Tutanota, your privacy-first email service, made in Europe. 😉

RT @RandoriSec
Heap buffer overflow within the Netfilter subsystem of the Linux kernel (CVE-2022-34918).

ps: @metasploit module coming soon.


#netfilter #0day

Another clever hack that could be used for fingerprinting.


This comment explain the purpose: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3

however as a user I don't really feel comfortable if any software I end up installing uses it.

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