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1967: Here's a computer with 1MB of RAM, please put some dudes on the moon with it

2017: Here's a computer with 16GB of RAM, please display some text on the screen with it

Analysis of the ransomware that hit major companies and hospitals yesterday:




This worm is just so unnecessary. There is no good reason why there should be -this- much damage from it.

Every system infected represents a failure to do basic administrative tasks.

Organizations all over the world should DEMAND from Intel ability to disable ME/AMT code. For good. There are likely many more bugs there.

Intel should provide means to disable all ME code which runs AFTER host CPU init is complete, i.e. all the UNTURSTED-input processing code.

PSA: don’t click on random Google Doc links.

A massive phishing campaign targeting Google accounts ripped through the internet on Wednesday afternoon.


A good write up on why you should care about the open Internet and why net neutrality is an important matter:

Slides of the first presentation of yesterday's "Madeira Tech Meetup" event: Making your app resilient to network failure -

We did it, we did it, we passed the half a million! 502186! Eleven days ago we were at 275,000.