Today, the Tor Project is launching a new campaign to help censored users, and we need you. 🙌

How? Run a Tor Bridge! 🌉

Our goal is to add 200 new obs4 bridges to the network from November 18 - January 7, 2022, & we're offering prizes for running a bridge.

Apple’s announcement of a new Self Service Repair program shows there has been considerable pressure on the company to change its designs and policy to answer consumer demand for the right to repair. Let’s keep it up and keep them on the right track.

"Second, on November 2 we received a report to our security bug bounty program of a vulnerability that would allow an attacker to publish new versions of any npm package using an account without proper authorization. We quickly validated the report, began our incident response processes, and patched the vulnerability within six hours of receiving the report."


New release of PostgreSQL:

2 important security fixes:

* Server processes unencrypted bytes from man-in-the-middle
* libpq processes unencrypted bytes from man-in-the-middle

"You should use forums rather than Slack/Discord to support developer community."

Totally agree.

Signatures: The secret behind modern end-to-end encryption 🔒

Now that most of our communications are digital, a problem arises: How to keep our messages private despite all the intermediaries?

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