"Someday aliens will land ... and all will be fine until we explain our calendar"


Spot on!

New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 26: Zhangzi - is out NOW for Windows and macOS!
Should be on Linux in the coming weeks. Until then you are free to compile it, wait for the appimage, the snap, or flatpak.
See: play0ad.com/new-release-0-a-d-
#0AD #Alpha26 #aoe #indiegamedev #indie #opensource

The ECJ has just declared blanket data surveillance illegal in Europe! A big win for privacy, yet we need to keep fighting for privacy around the world. 💪💪💪
Read more: tutanota.com/blog/posts/data-r

"Apple’s Killing the Password. Here’s Everything You Need to Know"


Great to see "webauthn" being adopted. However the article isn't clear about how the keys are synced across devices (some contradictory statements throughout the article).

Another day.... another leak.... 2022 is beeing awesome for the portuguese companies. #not #infosec


RT @vxunderground
Update: A Threat Actor claims to have completely compromised Uber - they have posted screenshots of their AWS instance, HackerOne administration panel, and more.

They are openly taunting and mocking @Uber.

A bug that was 23 years old or not daniel.haxx.se/blog/2022/09/05 - This is a tale of cookies, Internet code and a CVE. It goes back a long time so please take a seat, lean back and follow along.

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