It’s Global Encryption Day, and we’re proud to stand with dozens of other organizations that are calling on governments and the private sector to reject efforts to undermine encryption.

"Composability is the only game in town – Roam, shipping containers, Lego and Twitter."

Fixes for 2 "HTTP Request Smuggling" vulnerabilities on Node.js were released a few moments ago:

Study reveals scale of data-sharing from Android mobile phones:

Even when minimally configured and the handset is idle, with the notable exception of e/OS, these vendor-customized Android variants transmit substantial amounts of information to the OS developer and to third parties such as Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Facebook that have pre-installed system apps. There is no opt-out from this data collection.

I happen to be using /e/ OS for the last ~2 years on all my #android phones and quite pleased to read it.

Remember our toot about Nextcloud synchronisation? 🎉 Seems we have a winner!
🔄 With the merging of it will be possible to sync AntennaPod with a gPodder 'server' in your own Nextcloud instance.

Will be available in AntennaPod 2.5!

@Beowulf @KopfKrieg

Uhm... I think #NSA and #CIA deployed #PiHole:

"The IC has implemented network-based ad-blocking technologies and uses information from several layers, including Domain Name System information, to block unwanted and malicious advertising content," the CIO recently told Wyden's office, according to the letter.


⚠️ IMPORTANT: Users of Element Desktop/Web/Android, FluffyChat & Nheko should upgrade immediately to address a critical encryption vulnerability.

We are not aware of this being exploited in the wild yet, but as the bug is now disclosed please upgrade now.

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