"When an application uses the GPU, some private data inevitably get stored in GPU. We find the graphics driver fails to wipe them after the application finishes, so the data preserve in the GPU. Therefore, an attacker can run a GPU spyware to steal these private data."


Nice description of the "pledge()" and "unveil()" mechanisms, now available on 2 operating systems.


Ohh... c'mon, its 2020 and we still have to use websites that do this kind of stuff 🤦‍♂️

systemd service sandboxing and security hardening 101:


– systemd is used as the default init system of many Linux distributions.
– This guide uses systemd-analyze.

#systemd #systemdanalyze #hardening #infosec #security #cybersecurity

Links, Lynx, w3m, firefox, konqueror, are the only remaining original browser implementations. If you use chrome or safari you have KDE project to thank for it.

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