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An example of the amount of data that facebook collects about users:


Similar/related experiences on the HN discussion: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

Note: Other companies might do the same, this is just an example.

Are you working on a SaaS project/company? Please take a look on the following security checklist:


It might prevent future regrets.

Nice intro about how to check for newly inserted data on the IPFS network, using its rust crate:


Need to check how common a/your password is? This repository tries to answer that and other questions. It also aggregates several lists that you can use to do your own data analysis.


Some important aspects to take into account when building/working with a distributed team:


Not sure what is more shocking:

A CA having 23k private keys of their customer's certs and the CEO emailing them: blog.koehntopp.info/index.php/

A CA having a website which allows RCE as root, from a website input: arstechnica.com/information-te

I'm just speechless.

Adopting a new serverless/FaaS model for your app/service? here is an overview of what changes and what you should pay attention to, regarding security.


Always important to save some time, to gradually fix and improve what already has been done.


Nice post explaining the usage of async code in python (asyncio) in practice, without diving into deeper implementation details.


Lessons and tips about migrating large code bases from python2 to python3. It's time to do it, the clock is ticking and support for the old version is ending soon.


Vulnerability fixes should be addressed as soon as possible. You never know if you were the first one to find the issue. This blog focuses on that issue:


☑️ Incremental compilation
☑️ rustfmt preview
☑️ removal of one form of UB

Please welcome Rust 1.24 into the world… twitter.com/i/web/status/96421 source: twitter.com/rustlang/status/96

Hacker101 is a free class on web security. Might worth to take a look: