Gonçalo Valério @dethos@s.ovalerio.net

Using PostgreSQL's full-text search plus new Django ORM postgreSQL features to implement complex search functionality:


If only half of this ... was considered for most of the software ... there would be a huge improvement in overall security:


Could we use Hashicorp's Vault (only available inside the internal network) to achieve this "Crypto-anchor" thing? 🤔


Optimizing your Django web application? check out this series of 3 blog posts:


Makes total sense: Software developed using public funds should be available to the public under a Free and Open Source License.


The same should also be applied to scientific research funded by public funds, the public should have open access to those papers.

Using facebook opensource libraries in a project requires some thought, since it might have some side effects due to the license. ASF and now Wordpress decided to avoid React on their projects.


Applying some migrations to a large Postgres database. Maybe you should take this into account:


OAuth2 server with OpenID Connec in Go using Apache 2 license thttps://github.com/ory/hydra