"Gitter is joining the Matrix ecosystem and will become the first major existing chat platform to switch to natively speaking Matrix!"

Awesome news.

@dethos That's really cool.I used Gitter to add a chat sidebar to one of my forums.Would be cool if they kept this feature.Gitter is a really good chat platform which is quite similar to Element already so it makes sense to merge then together.I have only one critical thought about this: As I understand the blog post,they are planning to run a Synapse instance to make the bridge between Gitter and Matrix.And they mention that some Gitter rooms have 20k users.I doubt that this will have that good performance.It would probably be better if they added federation features to the existing Gitter backend directly as it has a way better performance.And I'm afraid of what will happen when a user of my rather small Synapse instance decides to join one of the bigger Gitter rooms 🤨

@nipos yes, those are definitely good questions that need to be addressed. Nevertheless, the fact that Gitter will become just another instance in the Matrix network (while maintaining its own characteristics) is fantastic.

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