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Nice thread with great quotes from the book: “It doesn’t have to be crazy at work”. 👍

Check which games developed for windows, will run on your Linux machine (using steam/proton):

> If you can't fix it, you don't own it.

- Is better than recycling
- Saves you money
- Teaches engineering
- Saves the planet

If you've ever wondered how books get onto, this is how

It really is a nice idea: let the user choose the websites that a given browser extension can access and when it can access them. Firefox should do something similar.

a helpful flowchart to decide whether you need blockchain or not

Great post about adding comments when writing system software. (IMO most of it can also be applied to any kind of software)

I wrote an article about why I'm excited for a flourishing of vastly different decentralized social networks that can all (kind of) talk to each other.

Well, HacktoberFest is back again this year. So if you are looking for a repository to contribute to, take a look at:

We have some open issues there tagged for this occasion.

Know more about the event here:

I just published passphraseme to PyPI. It's a simple cryptographically secure script to generate high entropy passphrases using EFF's wordlists. Try it out with:

pip3 install passphraseme

Here's the source code:

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