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Plain-text passwords strike again. But at least this stuff is starting to get some attention and "companies" being fined.

Debunking 5 common web security and privacy myths:

– "external scanning of websites discovers all issues"
– "random HTTP response headers mean security"
– "HTTPS means security"
– "external content is bad"
– "JS/Cookies are bad"

#myth #websecurity #security #infosec #https #js #cookies

Nice post showing how PostgreSQL's "PQExecParam" and "server-side prepared statements" can help you easily avoid SQL injections.

StefanKeller: Re MAPTCHA - ReMAPTCHA - A free, map-based anti-spam service that enhances OpenStreetMap

At last, some tools to stop working for free for Google and contribute to the commons while reducing spam!

#captcha #osm #openstreetmap #beta #fuckgoogle #g00gle

Bleeding Bit: two critical vulnerabilities in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chips embedded in millions of enterprise access points and networking devices.

– CVE-2018-16986 and CVE-2018-7080
– affected chips are embedded in devices of Cisco, Meraki, Aruba and others
– Cisco and Aruba state that BLE chips are disabled by default
– most suppliers released patches

#bleedingbit #ble #bluetooth #vulnerability #infosec #cybersecurity #security

The last issue of Increment magazine focus on "Security". The articles explore several ways that can help us improve and build systems while having security and privacy in mind. Check it out:

Nice thread with great quotes from the book: “It doesn’t have to be crazy at work”. 👍

Check which games developed for windows, will run on your Linux machine (using steam/proton):

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