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Was going to sign up for a Pinebook until I hit the ReCAPTCHA.

It is the height of irony to force people to make a surveillance capitalist smarter in order to order your “open source” laptop.

Plain-text passwords strike again. But at least this stuff is starting to get some attention and "companies" being fined.

Debunking 5 common web security and privacy myths:

– "external scanning of websites discovers all issues"
– "random HTTP response headers mean security"
– "HTTPS means security"
– "external content is bad"
– "JS/Cookies are bad"

#myth #websecurity #security #infosec #https #js #cookies

Nice post showing how PostgreSQL's "PQExecParam" and "server-side prepared statements" can help you easily avoid SQL injections.

StefanKeller: Re MAPTCHA - ReMAPTCHA - A free, map-based anti-spam service that enhances OpenStreetMap

At last, some tools to stop working for free for Google and contribute to the commons while reducing spam!

#captcha #osm #openstreetmap #beta #fuckgoogle #g00gle

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