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Was going to sign up for a Pinebook until I hit the ReCAPTCHA.

It is the height of irony to force people to make a surveillance capitalist smarter in order to order your “open source” laptop.

Plain-text passwords strike again. But at least this stuff is starting to get some attention and "companies" being fined.

Nice post showing how PostgreSQL's "PQExecParam" and "server-side prepared statements" can help you easily avoid SQL injections.

StefanKeller: Re MAPTCHA - ReMAPTCHA - A free, map-based anti-spam service that enhances OpenStreetMap

At last, some tools to stop working for free for Google and contribute to the commons while reducing spam!

#captcha #osm #openstreetmap #beta #fuckgoogle #g00gle

The last issue of Increment magazine focus on "Security". The articles explore several ways that can help us improve and build systems while having security and privacy in mind. Check it out:

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