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"Discovering a zero day and getting code execution on Mozilla's AWS Network"

The issue was on the webpagetest project but it was a nice read nevertheless.

"Gearbest Hack: Hundreds of Thousands Affected Daily by Huge Data Breach"

Always knew that a large amount of these privacy policies we see on many websites are just boilerplate and complete BS.

Some recently disclosed vulnerabilities rails developers should be aware of:

- Denial of Service Vulnerability in Action View -

- File Content Disclosure in Action View -

- Possible Remote Code Execution Exploit in Rails Development Mode -

Upgrade your apps.

"Why is no one signing their emails?"

Good point. We should push for this to be more common.

170 years of German publishers demanding special copyrights for the press because of new technology.

The snippet taxes of Article 11 will be used to enrich publishers at the expense of actual journalism.

#Artikel11 #SaveYourInternet

"3 million vehicles can be unlocked remotely via trivially discovered web API vulnerability"

"unhackable" is a very strong word.

"W3C approves #WebAuthn as the web standard for password-free logins"

Password Managers: Under the Hood of Secrets Management

It would be nice read a similar analysis for password managers that also run on Linux such as: keepassX, keepassXC, pass, etc.


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