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"Google is pressing on with new plans to hide all parts of web addresses except the domain name in Chrome 86, this time accompanied by an admittedly hover animation."

No, thank you

Small intro to XSS and details to take into consideration when developing websites using the Django Framework

KeePassXC for beginners – setup and basic usage:

In this tutorial for beginners, we set up and show a typical use case of KeePassXC, an open-source password manager.

#KeePassXC #PasswordManagement #Passwords #InfoSec #Security #cybersecurity

"The European Court of Justice has declared invalid one of the two legal methods companies use to transfer EU citizens' data to the United States."

"13% of my website visitors block Google Analytics"

The real value can be even bigger, since the other analytics tool, used in the comparison, could also have been blocked.

"Cultivate good ideas. But don't be in a rush to execute on all of them; let the bad ideas fall away. Wait until you feel the strong pull of the market; then start executing."

"django-two-factor-auth versions 1.11 and before store the user's password in clear text in the user session (base64-encoded)."

Malicious JavaScript in image metadata used to steal data; then, images are used again to exfiltrate data:

– Malware uses Exif metadata to inject JavaScript that steals data.
– Afterward, the data is exfiltrated as an image via GET/POST to another server.
– As a server admin, frequently update the server software, and monitor file integrity + network traffic. Moreover, set a strict Content Security Policy.

#malware #image #metadata #exif #infosec #security

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