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ProTip: Remember to check your URLs for "utm_*" parameters

E.G. If I see:
"?" at the end of the URL you shared, I know you got it from Reddit

Or "utm_campaign=newsletter0120" tells me you probably copied it from an email sent in January of last year

These are never needed to actually reach the page you're sharing. They're just for analytics (UTM tracking modules) and will reveal where you get your information (to us and the site), which may cause privacy issues


"To summarize, the maintainer recently updated their chrome store package. The update raised red flags for some users, because the changelog was not modified and there was no tag created in GitHub. On investigation, it appeared that the extension was now connecting to various third-party servers, and executing code from them."

Strong encryption is key to digital privacy and free speech, yet governments are eager to access your devices and communications instead of securing them. Technologist Bruce Schneier breaks down the new Crypto Wars in our first EFF30 Fireside Chat.

More Xmas presents from KDE: Say hello to NeoChat, the new instant messaging app for the Matrix network. Find out how it works on mobile and desktops, learn about its cool features and how you can contribute to its success in the launch announcement.

"Yes, we run workloads that your nephew can run on his Raspberry Pi 4, but this is the future of enterprise."

"This means that passwords that result in hashes that, for instance, don’t contain bytes between 0x00 and 0x3B match every other password hash that don’t contain them. Passing this check means an attacker doesn’t need a byte-for-byte match with the stored hash value,"

Become shell literate


Funny thing is that people assume that tracking only happens over the web, in their browsers.

While Microsoft and company have been doing it for ages in their operating systems and office suites, many didn't think that some of the console tools they use did the same.


Here is why I am very hesitant about adopting new and flashy systems. You can't trust them.

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