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So Github's Copilot is now suggesting secrets committed to other public repositories?

The ultimate responsibility lies on who committed those secrets, but this could have been avoided since Copilot is acting as a distributor of those leaked secrets.

"All Freenode Channels and Users Gone"

It seems I no longer have an account on freenode. **I will not create a new one. So don't try to reach me through that network**.

The Debian Project hosts all its development IRC channels on and also has a thriving community on The Debian Project no longer has control of #debian on the freenode IRC network. We thank the former freenode staff for their tireless work over many years. Please read for more information about Debian IRC channels.

#Django protip: ` shell`, being a Python shell, can take a `-c` argument. You can use this to make aliases for operations that need to run in your Django environment but aren't worth creating a management command. (And remember, you can separate statements with semicolons instead of newlines!)

"Google continued collecting location data even when users turned off various location-sharing settings, made popular privacy settings harder to find, and even pressured LG and other phone makers into hiding settings precisely because users liked them"

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