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Looking for a maintained Linux distro without systemd? Check out Devuan! (https// || devuanzuwu3xoqwp.onion/)

Devuan has a number of forks. My favorite is "Star." Specifically Star-Morbius w/ XFCE. (

These distros are maintained. You can be rid of systemd and have Init Freedom! ( )


"Init Freedom" or why Init Systems (eg #systemd) should not entangle the application space. Great talk that goes into design philosophy surrounding init systems and Offers init system alternatives to systemd.

@munin @viciousviscosity #nix does a lot of things that other package managers can't. i know about the alternatives, i've used a lot of them in production. all you're doing is shitting on #systemd. telling me not to use it, but also not proposing alternatives.

@munin @viciousviscosity that's fine. now point me to a distro that does everything that #nixos + #nixops can do, but doesn't use #systemd. otherwise, you aren't really being helpful.

@munin @viciousviscosity tell that to the #nixos people. i'm not basing my decision on the fact that they use #systemd, in any case. i will look into it to see if there is anything i can do to mitigate that.

@viciousviscosity @munin counter-example: i don't have a problem with systemd. i use it for a lot of things and i'm pretty happy with it. in fact, i'm building #bbnet on #systemd, #nixops, and #nomad, for example. i agree that there are some things about it that could be *better*, but i think that about most of my tools.